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Last News Updates


Name: "SAVE ENERGY" By Green Peace NGO

Date: 02 August 2013


Mr. Suraj Jagadeeshwaran and Mr. Jagan from Green peace India, Wilson Garden, one of the oldest and largest environment NGO'S in the world visited the school. There was an audio-visual presentation for students of VII - X students along with respective teachers. The presentation gave information on coal, the uses, How electricity is generated, The population of India, The students got to know that 50% of electricity in India is produced through coal. Brochure of Greenpeace India enclosed for information and reference. A sapling was planted in the school premises.


Date: 02 August 2013


In the development of speech and language in young students, rhymes and action songs play an important role. We had an inter-class action song programme for Nursery, LKG, UKG, on 2nd of August 2013 from 10:00am to 11:00am. The budding little ones gave a very colourful and graceful performance .


Date: 08 June 2013


A Small Orientation Programme was organized forthe parents pertining to the After School activities.
Thesession commenced at 10:00am with a welcome speech given by the Principal.Following teachers / coaches spoke and gave demonstration - pertaining to theiractivities-
1) Mr. Prashanth -   Cricket
2) Ms.Charanya – Times Nie programme

3) Ms. Deepika – Abacus

4) Mr. Gururaj - Chess

5) Mr. Sultan Khan & Mr. Rangarao – Karate

The session ended at 11:00 with a vote ofthanks given by the Principal.