Shri C.R.Nagappa and Sons Charitable Trust

Shri C.R.Nagappa The founder of Outreach School is Shri C.R.Nagappa (1900 to 1976)

He was a businessman and social worker. Shri Nagappa is an excellent role model for a school because he was a man of high principles and values.

He was generous, honest and trustworthy. His business sphere grew rapidly, from selling milk from the family cow to vast real estate and other ventures.

In fact, his life is a perfect illustration of the value of integrity, hard work and perseverance. His statue at the entrance of the school, will be an inspiration for our students and staff.

Outreach School is located in Wilson Garden Extension, behind the BMTC , Bus Stop Shanthinagar on Double Road. We are fortunate in having a large two-acre campus in this busy area. The four storeyed school building includes an attractively planted courtyard, a large and rapidly growing library and bright, airy classrooms. The compound has separate playing areas for the 3-6 years olds and the older children.

Very briefly, our goals are:

  • To make the child an interested and motivated learner.
  • To use the textbook as a supportive rather than a central learning tool.
  • To appreciate and help develop the qualities of every child.
List of Trust Members
  • Mr. Revanna
  • Mr. C.N.Kumar
  • Mr. R. Chandrashekar
  • Mr. Vishwanath
  • Mr. C.R. Nanda Kumar
  • Mr. Ashwin Sadanand
  • Mr. Raju S.
  • Mr. Srikantasastry
  • Ms. Kirti Senger